Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

virtual desktop infrastructure

With 88% of organisations preferring employees work from home, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is positively the right solution for the remote working world.

Business continues to navigate the changing landscape resulting from the uncertainty of COVID.  An ease of restrictions in most states has seen employees returning to the office in some capacity. In light of this, the majority of organisations (88%) are understandably cautious and as a result, are encouraging or requiring employees to work from home.    As such, the IT industry has seen a significant increase in the implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures to accommodate these new working conditions.

What is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a smart and secure workspace delivery strategy. It is effectively, a virtual remote operating environment that allows businesses to deliver applications and data via multiple mediums. Key benefits are simplified system management, enhanced security, scalability, availability as well as cost benefits. As a result, employees are able to log onto their office operating system and do business anywhere, anytime on almost any device.  Best of all, it has provided businesses with the perfect remote working solution during COVID-19, allowing employees to work from home within a secure operating environment.  VMware, Citrix and Microsoft are the three key players within the VDI market.

The Benefits of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Techstream Solution can implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution for your office using our cloud services.  Your office operating environment will be managed remotely, within one central location.  As a result, businesses can deploy secure virtual desktops, delivered over a network to endpoint devices (eg: computer, laptop, mobile devices and more).

There are several benefits a VDI can provide.  Most importantly, it will improve the way you do business as well as provide significant cost savings.

Simplified Management

Techstream Solutions will maintain devices within a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure via our cloud infrastructure.  A VDI provides simplified management and maintenance using one central location to efficiently perform upgrades, application deployments, security and virus control.  Furthermore, these efficiencies will provide significant cost savings, as IT administrators no longer need to laboriously handle endpoint devices individually.


For those working from home, accessibility is a key benefit of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. As mentioned above, a VDI conveniently allows employees the flexibility to access their office operating environment remotely, anywhere, anytime using almost any device.  The application will appear to be running locally, however data is safely stored within our cloud infrastructure.  Best of all, users have enhanced capability due to accessibility.  A VDI will deliver the speed necessary to run your day-to-day business operations, even with under performing end point user devices.


When you implement a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, you can scale based on your changing business requirements.  Whether you are experiencing rapid expansion or a period of disruption within your business, a VDI deployment provides a proactive and automated resource provisioning and de-provisioning environment. For example, Techstream Solutions can manage and maintain user profiles with our easy central management or allocate resources, on the fly to meet requirements.


Your business data is more secure and protected within a VDI environment.  Techstream Solutions will ensure the latest security patches and upgrades are applied via our cloud infrastructure.  Sensitive data remains on the network where we can implement advanced security policies to protect against cyber theft. Furthermore, in the event of a cyber security attack, Techstream Solutions has the ability to effectively control and isolate the incident via the cloud infrastructure.

Low Cost

With a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, businesses will enjoy significant cost savings by reducing labour, energy and time.   IT Administration costs can be reduced by up to 70% due to management and maintenance performed in one central location. VDI endpoints are also inexpensive and hardware overall, has a longer lifespan.  Factoring the above mentioned, a VDI provides a good ROI primarily achieved due to its simplified management and maintenance.

With the right Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution, everything runs more efficiently and within a secure environment.  Furthermore, the performance, productivity and simplified management makes VDI’s a great remote working tool for organisations of all sizes.

If you would like to discuss the implementation of a VDI, contact Techstream Solutions for a complimentary consultation.  We will assess your IT requirements and provide a smart and secure solution for your business.

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