Understanding ACSC’s Essential Eight

Essential Eight

Does Your Business Meet National Security Standards?

As a Managed IT Services Provider located in Sydney, a large part of our IT Services offerings involves mitigating cyber security risks within our clients’ IT infrastructure, using industry-leading prevention technologies and capabilities. If you are concerned that your business isn’t secure, or you don’t have adequate data protection in the event of a cyber security attack,  ASCS’s Essential Eight guidelines is the right place to start.

The Essential Eight is a set of cyber security mitigation strategies designed to help organisations defend against cyber attacks. These 8 key risk mitigation strategies defend small and medium-sized businesses from attacks on Microsoft Windows based networks. Ultimately, it is best to engage a trusted IT Services Provider to assist with the implementation of the Essential Eight. They will assess your current environment and provide a roadmap that will get your business meeting national security standards.

Following, is an outline of Essential Eight strategies that if implemented, will form a solid foundation for robust cyber security.

01. Application Control

Create a secure boundary against unauthorised or malicious software, letting only approved applications operate.

02. Patch Applications

Regularly applying software updates prevents cyber threats. Closing gaps and addressing known vulnerabilities quickly stops hackers from exploiting weak points.

03. Configure Office Macros

Defend against malware delivery through controlled macro execution. Block malicious macros in their tracks by restricting execution to approved locations.

04. User Application Hardening

Minimise attack opportunities on Microsoft Windows by controlling commonly targeted software elements. Trim entry points for potential vulnerabilities and heighten system security

05. Restrict Admin Privileges

Grant elevated access only to specific roles, preventing unauthorised entry or misuse. Limit user privileges to cut exposure to internal and external threats.

06. Patch Operating Systems

Keep operating systems current through regular security updates. Strengthen resilience against exploits targeting OS vulnerabilities.

07. Multi-factor Authentication

Boost security by requiring diverse authentication factors, rendering compromised passwords ineffective.

08. Regular Backups

Consistently back up critical data to prevent loss during incidents. With duplicate copies, your business will ensure quick recovery and minimal disruption in the face of cyber threats.

The Essential 8 Maturity Model

The E8MM is designed to assist organisations to implement the Essential Eight in a graduated manner based upon different levels of tradecraft and targeting.

The different maturity levels (as shown in the table below) can also be used to provide a high-level indication of an organisation’s cyber security maturity.

Essential Eight Security Model
Essential Eight Facts

The Essential Eight, provides best practices should a cyber security incident occur.  Overall, the Essential Eight provides crucial mitigation measures to safeguard Microsoft Windows-based internet-connected networks against cyber threats.

Want to boost your organisation’s security posture?

Our team of security experts will assess your IT infrastructure and ensure your business is security compliant. After all, implementing the Essential Eight proactively can be more cost-effective in terms of time, money and effort than having to respond to a large-scale cyber security incident.

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