FAQs for Managed IT Services

Is hiring a Managed Services Provider the right fit for your business IT requirements?  We’ve put together some of our Managed IT Services FAQ to help you make the right decision.

What is a Managed IT Services Provider?

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a third-party hired to proactively support essential tasks such as system monitoring, testing, and help desk support to name a few. They will manage a company’s technology needs, based on their specific IT requirements.  Proactive management ensures your business IT environment essentially remains optimised allowing you to focus on the more important tasks that can drive business forward.

What is the difference between Managed IT Services and Ad Hoc Services?

Managed IT Services proactively manage an organisation’s IT infrastructure for a set monthly fee. A consistent monthly rate can make it easier to direct your IT budget for the new solutions and hardware you need. Because you only pay a fixed monthly rate with an MSP, you can predict how much you’ll need to spend and determine what you can use for future IT investments.

Ad Hoc Services (also known as Break/Fix) are charged by the hour.   Ad hoc services are typically reactive services and are used by home users or micro businesses.  As such, it is ideal for those who have minimal reliance on technology and only require services when IT issues arise.

How much does it cost for a business to have Managed IT Services?

Techstream Solutions acknowledges that clients have different requirements when providing IT support and services. As such we offer three-tiered packages for Managed IT Services.

As part of the process to obtain a quotation for Managed IT Services, Techstream Solutions will provide a complimentary consultation to understand the client’s specific IT requirements.  An audit of the client’s existing IT environment will be performed.  A proposal will then be provided for a fixed monthly cost for Managed IT Services.

What services do businesses receive with managed IT services?

Whether you require basic support, wish to design your own support package, or are after an all-encompassing solution, Techstream Solutions has your business covered.  Our comprehensive Managed IT Services will look after all your IT requirements.  This includes maintaining the performance of your existing network infrastructure, patch management and live monitoring to name a few. We will become your IT department assisting with industry-leading security and policy-based protection.  Most importantly you will enjoy peace of mind knowing your IT infrastructure is being proactively monitored and maintained by an expert team of IT professionals.

Do small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need Managed IT Services?

The simple answer is yes. With proactive monitoring and management of IT infrastructures, including end-user systems, managed IT services can greatly benefit SMEs and set them up for success.  From reduced IT costs and improved security measures to increased uptime, SMEs can enjoy peace of mind. Best of all, rather than use expensive internal resources to troubleshoot IT issues, organisations can focus on their core business. Any IT issues will be resolved by experienced IT experts.

Does managed IT services drive business efficiency?

Your IT is at the heart of everything from communications to managing workflows. The better you can manage it, the more you can get out of it. Why struggle with your IT when you can keep your networks secure, save money, and devote your resources to developing even more useful ways to make technology service your business?

Using a managed services provider can make everything from software upgrades to cloud migrations smoother. Your MSP can prevent downtime and handle IT issues for your workers fast. Even more importantly, managed services allow your IT resources to focus on creating apps, functions, and other solutions that will make the workflows of your employees even more streamlined. All this adds up to a more efficient, more productive, better-empowered business.

How will Manage IT Services Assist With Cybersecurity Assurance?

Businesses today, in particular small and medium sized businesses, are incredibly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Infact, 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses. Therefore, it is extremely important for businesses to implement robust cyber-security prevention to mitigate the risk of a cyber security attack occuring.

Where your in-house team can only do so much to stop cyber threats, a managed service provider can use a range of techniques to keep your business safe. These include constant monitoring, security awareness training, network and firewall protection, data encryption and backup, and real-time threat prevention and elimination.

Our Computer Support Services

Computer Support

Techstream Solutions specialises in providing comprehensive computer IT support services to our corporate clientele.  Our aim is to deliver exceptional support services to complement businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprises including support for in-house IT Departments.  Our Systems Engineers are readily available to deliver innovative support services Australia wide

Managed IT Services

We like to think of “Managed IT Services” as the superior IT support model, because as your Managed IT Services Provider, we can proactively monitor and manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure.  By listening to our clients and conducting a thorough analysis we are able to effectively evaluate the best managed services solution for your organisations requirements.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing provides organisations with the flexibility of storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or internal server device.   As such, cloud services is advantageous to any business organisation. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security focuses on guarding your organisations workstations, servers, programs and data from potential security risks.  Every business no matter how large or small can be affected.   The implementation of a defense mechanism to avoid such viruses can provide critical infrastructure protection.

Data Backup & Recovery

Peace of mind with our comprehensive and robust computer backup and data recovery services. Is your workplace environment at risk of a cyber-attack?  Implementing a comprehensive and robust backup and recovery system, ensuring 99% security of your data as well as fast recovery is critical for any organisation.

Microsoft Office 365

We can increase your businesses’ productivity with Microsoft 365 business integration and also offer ongoing support for peace of mind.

With Microsoft Cloud, you can accelerate innovation within your business when combining these products.

Website Hosting

At Techstream Solutions, we can assist with providing hosting services and solutions for your business, including web hosting, private hosting and public hosting, within a shared or dedicated hosting environment.  We’ll look after your website like it is our own, providing a scalable solution with the highest levels of performance, security and reliability.


ITC infrastructure is likely to be one of the biggest capital investments your organisation will make.  Therefore it makes sense to seek independent, specialist advice from an expert before you commit to the investment.  Our highly qualified IT consultants are here to ensure you make the right decision.