Cyber Security To Protect Your Business

Cyber Security

Cyber attacks in Australia cost the economy $1 billion each year. For businesses, implementing robust cyber security to protect your business is a must!

For businesses, the thought of dealing with a cyber-attack can be confronting.  However, with cyber crime on the rise, protecting your business from a cyber attack is more important then ever before.

Good news is that Techstream Solutions, your local IT Service Provider can help.  We can protect your business and significantly minimise the risk of a cyber-attack occurring within your workplace.  We strive to educate and implement strong cyber security to protect your business, employees as well as your client information.  Afterall, being exposed to a cyber security threat can not only be costly, but potentially detrimental to your business.

What is a Cyber Attack?

A cyber attack can occur to any computer or network whereby an attempt has been made to expose, alter, disable, destroy, steal or gain unauthorised access to or make unauthorised use of an asset.

Common Types of Cyber Attacks

1. Malware

Malware is a term used to describe malicious software.  This includes spyware, ransomware, viruses and worms. Typically, malware attacks when a user clicks on a compromised link such as an email attachment that then installs infected software.  Once installed, malware can ravage a system by blocking access to key components of the computer/network.  Furthermore, it can install further dangerous software as well as obtain unauthorised data from the hard drive.  Malware disrupts the computer/network and can make the system inoperable.

2. Phishing

Phishing is essentially a fraudulent email or other communication that is designed to lure a victim.  The message looks like it’s been sent by a trusted sender, potentially trying to fool the victim.  An example of this is email spoofing whereby the email address looks authentic and as such tricks the victim into providing confidential information.

3. Man In the Middle Attack

Also known as eavesdropping attacks, this cyber-attack typically occurs when attackers insert themselves into a two-part transaction.  Once the attackers interrupt the traffic, they can filter and steal data.  Beware of unsecured public Wi-Fi whereby the attacker can insert themselves between a visitor’s device and the network.  Without knowing, the visitor passes all information through the attacker.

The above-mentioned cyber-attacks are just a few named.  There are many more types including Denial Of Service Attack, SQL Injection and Zero-Day Exploit.

What should you do if you suspect a Cyber Attack at your workplace?

Unfortunately, even a small cyber-attack can be costly for your business.  Hence the importance of securing your IT system before an attack even happens.

If an attack does occur and sensitive account information is at risk, immediately contact an IT Service Provider.  They will guide you through the best process to remove malware and ensure your computer or network is safe and secure.  This may include password resets as well as scanning the device(s) for any malware and spyware.

If you believe hackers have retrieved sensitive information that may affect third parties, it is your duty to let your contacts know.  Hackers often gain access to other accounts by using affiliated accounts since people are not as suspicious of e-mails coming from someone they know.

Five Best Practices for Cyber Security To Protect Your Business:

1: Control Log-in Information

Strong Passwords composed of at least 8 characters with a combination of upper and lowercase letters and at least one number and special character

2: Store Credentials Securely

Use a Password Management Solution to secure passwords

Remove people who no longer require access;

3: Ensure you have the latest security updates

Updating your operating system will not only improve your security, but as a bonus it will optimise the system’s speed.

4: Have a Robust Firewall

A Firewall acts as a filter for data entering or leaving a network or computer. They are used to prevent unauthorised access to company networks

5: Use a spam filter on your email account

A spam filter detects unsolicited and unwanted email and prevents those messages from getting to a user’s inbox.

6: Backup data

All businesses should ensure data is backed up regularly. In the event of a disaster, it is reassuring to know that your business can be up and running due to diligent management of backups, thus allowing easy recovery.

Helpful Links
Following are some useful links from the ATO regarding best practices for cyber security to protect your business.
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