The COVID-19 Effect on Business Information Technology

covid information technology

2021 is the year to reset, recover and prepare for what is the “new reality”. Rapid implementations to business information technology, due to the COVID-19 crisis, has seen many businesses receive a patchwork of solutions.

It has been difficult to navigate through the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19.  Most significantly is the impact Covid-19 is having on business information technology.  Firstly, we saw rapid implementations of new virtual technologies followed by the demand for flexible remote working environments. Overall, the unpredictable and disruptive nature of COVID-19 has left no stone unturned.

Business information technology moving forward 

Business leaders have had to make fast significant choices to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. With most of the workforce moving to a remote working environment, the focus was to maximise the safety of employees whilst ensuring business continuity. However, the pressures to quickly adapt to new technologies, has left many businesses receiving patchwork solutions.  From compromised security to inefficient data and storage requirements, the processes that were rushed may now require some levels of readjustment. As such, businesses should take the time to reset, recover and prepare for the reality that is.

Optimising your IT environment during COVID

Ensuring your IT environment is optimised to provide efficiency, security and stability should be one of the primary focuses for businesses in 2021.  If not, these patchwork solutions adopted during the response phase may cause unwanted frustrations.

Strengthening your IT environment should include ensuring:

  • networks/VPN can support remote working
  • availability of critical business systems
  • employees have a secure set up at home
  • employees have the right software & hardware components to effectively perform their job
  • IT support model is right for your business needs.
  • effective cyber security implementations to mitigate threats
  • teleconferencing capabilities meet your business needs.

The importance of reviewing your IT infrastructure

As a managed service provider (MSP), Techstream Solutions can perform an infrastructure review.  We will identify any critical areas that exist within a business information technology environment.  Our thorough assessment will recognise where technological enhancements can be implemented.  Overall, we aim to optimise technology, to provide flexible, scalable, and robust solutions. 

Techstream Solutions understands these are challenging times and it can be difficult to determine the priority of actions.  As your MSP, we will work with you to develop an effective plan to develop your infrastructure and get your organisation where it needs to be. Most importantly with the right solution in place, we can lessen the impact that COVID-19 has to your business.

The reality after COVID

We understand COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. As such, the necessity to support this new way of working is paramount for businesses to survive.

IT spending forecasts indicate a continued demand for cloud infrastructure services with businesses looking for flexible and scalable solutions.  Furthermore, as businesses continue to encourage employees to work from home, we will see a continued demand for virtual communications equipment.

In addition, we have seen an increase in cyber security attacks since COVID-19.  Cyber attackers are targeting employees working from home.  As a result, this is another important reason for businesses to implement robust security measures to mitigate the risk of exposure.

Overall, this ever changing environment is our new reality.  Like it or not, we must adapt and implement what’s necessary to survive in order to maintain successful business continuity.

If you are interested in an infrastructure review for your business, why not call and chat with a team member at Techstream Solutions today.

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