Case Study | Cloud Hosted Setup and Desktop Solution

cloud hosting setup northern beaches
Project :

Set up cloud hosting and remote desktop solutions for Northern Beaches vet.

Client :

Belrose Veterinary Hospital.

Belrose Veterinary Hospital (BVH) provides local Northern Beaches residents with high quality and affordable medical care for their beloved pets.  Their focus is to provide an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for pets and owners alike.  Furthermore, as well as being a comprehensive medical facility for animals, their services conveniently extend to year-round boarding for cats.

Techstream Solutions recently established a client relationship with Belrose Veterinary Hospital following a security threat. As such, we have happily continued to assist Belrose Veterinary Hospital with ongoing IT support, services and solutions.

Client’s IT requirements

Belrose Veterinary Hospital housed their own server and standard firewall.  However, their IT infrastructure was aged and no longer meeting their business requirements.  As a result, issues were constantly arising due to various vulnerabilities.  These included:

  • Overall system instability
  • Lack of performance for internal RxWorks applications
  • Low redundancy
  • Low performance disks. 

Servers do require regular checking, updating and monitoring.  When an existing IT environment becomes redundant, such as in the case with BVH, instabilities are expected to occur.  This results in increased maintenance costs and a frustrating operating environment for end users.   

Furthermore, there were concerns regarding the existing firewall.  The current firewall was not covering their security requirements.  As a result, this left BVH vulnerable and exposed to cyber security threats, such as a Crypto locker attack. 

Unfortunately, the BVH server experienced a critical failure error.  As it was no longer viable to resurrect the existing server, Techstream Solutions provided a temporary server solution to minimise downtime.  As a result, BVH were up and running within two hours following the critical error.  However, as this was temporary, it allowed BVH to continue operating, whilst Techstream Solutions developed the right solution for BVH’s business needs.

Cloud Hosted Desktop Solution

Techstream Solutions recommended migration of BVH’s data to a cloud hosted remote desk top environment using our locally based Data Centre. This cost-effective solution eliminates the need for costly hardware purchases, repairs and maintenance.  Best of all, a cloud hosted remote desktop solution would offer the flexibility needed for a growing business like BVH, providing reliability, security and scalability. 

BVH would now experience faster performance and a better overall user experience.  With our data centre offering the latest hardware technology, the days of experiencing down time caused by redundant technology, would become a thing of the past.

Overall, the migration to a cloud hosted remote desktop environment is the perfect solution to complement and support the growing business needs of Belrose Vet Hospital. 

Computer Security

To ensure BVH’s security requirements were covered, Techstream Solutions recommended an enterprise grade Sophos XG Firewall implementation.  Sophos XG Firewall offers unmatched protection and has three key advantages over other network firewalls:

  1. Exposes hidden risks via a visual dashboard, rich cloud-based reporting and unique risk insights.
  2. Blocks unknown threats faster and more effective than other firewalls through a full suite of advanced protection capabilities. 
  3. Automatically responds to incidents with “Synchronised Security Heartbeat” which shares real time intelligence between your endpoints and firewall. 

By using the latest security technologies including Remote SSL VPN access to the environment, Techstream Solutions would significantly mitigate any future cyber security threats.  In return, management can rest assured their systems and environment are protected. 

IT Support Outcomes

Overall, the infrastructure upgrade to a Cloud Hosted RDS including enterprise security, ticked the requirements for Belrose Veterinary Hospital.  Whilst there has been an initial outlay associated with the upgrade, the stability and speed of the new environment means lower maintenance costs and higher efficiencies. Therefore, the solution will in time provide significant cost savings in more ways than one.

Most importantly, with the right infrastructure in place, BVH can now concentrate of growing their business with confidence.  Afterall, they now have the right infrastructure in place to support them on all fronts. 


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