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Cloud Technologies P2V

Cloud Technologies (P2V) and Data Centre Solution


Independent Online Music Retailer with over 30 years experience – located in Sydney

An Independent Online Music Retailer approached Techstream Solutions recently to assist with an infrastructure upgrade. They had a SCO Unix System which was over 20 years old and was showing signs of hardware failure.

Back in the 1990’s and well into the 2000’s, Unix was your “go-to” high performance solution.  However, Unix Servers have endured a slow decline. This is due to their lack of appeal.  As such, Unix Servers are no longer considered as a strategy for high-end innovation.  Instead, Managed IT Service Providers (MSP’s) are focusing on Cloud technologies.

As one of the hard drives had failed, the Project Team at Techstream Solutions needed to develop a strategy quickly.  The key focus was to upgrade our client’s infrastructure without losing data.


After a thorough analysis of our client’s IT infrastructure, our Project Team decided a virtual solution would be the best approach for the upgrade.  As such they developed a two-phase solution.

Phase 1:

The Unix “physical” server is to be migrated to a “virtual” server.   “Physical to Virtual” (P2V) or “hardware virtualisation” is a virtual solution that offers many advantages:

  • Cost effective – eliminate future hardware failure or the need to upgrade.
  • Space saving – no longer the need to house infrastructure
  • Greater availability and easier recovery in case of disaster.

The process to migrate the old unsupported SCO Unix operating system to a virtual environment was not without complications.  Our team experienced issues with compatibility.  As a result, we needed to manually manipulate the physical server to make it compliant with the virtual environment.

Phase 2:

Now that the server was in a virtual environment, Techstream Solutions was able to migrate the data to our Data Centre. The benefits of using a Data Centre includes enhanced security measures, improved energy efficiencies and increased productivity to name a few.

Over all, we know that a well-planned and executed data centre migration has the power to change an organisation’s overall operating environment. Most importantly, these changes can have long-lasting effects on day-to-day efficiencies and overall business process and procedures.

IT Support Outcomes:

Techstream Solutions is pleased to advise that the P2V / Data Centre Solution was a success!  Our extensive experience and knowledge of Unix allowed us to provide a successful solution for the upgrade of our clients infrastructure to a virtual environment.  As a result, we have one very happy client who is loving the efficiencies of their new virtual IT environment.

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