5 Most Common IT Problems Businesses Experience

IT Problems

Do you waste valuable time trying to resolve IT problems?  If IT problems impact your day-to-day business processes and stop you concentrating on the growth of your business, then it may be time to reassess your IT infrastructure. After all, technology pain points can not only be frustrating, but can be very disruptive and even cause security vulnerabilities.

By taking simple measures to resolve IT problems, your business will enjoy efficiencies that lead to growth, cost savings as well as other benefits. Best of all, most IT problems have solutions.  In this tech savvy world, it’s important to align your business with a trusted IT Services Provider to ensure your IT infrastructure and security are optimised to support and protect your business.

Following are 5 common IT problems businesses may experience:

1. Slow Network or Applications:

Ensuring you have the right technology that complements your IT infrastructure is critical for performance.  This could be caused by outdated equipment and software or when a business has purchased technology that’s inadequate or not set up correctly. Before introducing any new technology to a business, take the time to evaluate the current hardware to determine if it’s compatible.

An IT Services Provider can assist with the procurement of any hardware or software application.  They can conduct an audit of your environment to determine the best solution for your technology needs.

2. Inadequate Security

In light of all the security breaches, perhaps the most common and serious issue businesses are experiencing is security.  A high percentage of data breaches are due to employee negligence.  Therefore, it’s important to educate employees about strong security practices such as identifying phishing attacks, weak passwords and unauthorised access to information.  It’s important for businesses to ensure they keep current records of employee access to information and to restrict access where necessary.

3. Data Loss & Recovery

The fear of data loss is a concern for most businesses.  However, many businesses don’t have adequate back up & recovery solutions in the event of a disaster.  Data Loss can occur due to the following events:

  • Cyber Security Attack
  • Hardware Failure
  • Power Outage
  • Human Error

To prevent data loss, all businesses should have a disaster recovery plan that incorporates a cloud based data storage solution.  The cost of recovering data will be far greater than the investment of storing data safely in the event of a disaster.

4. Spending valuable time solving IT issues

All too often we see scenarios whereby businesses will spend all their time solving IT issues rather than working on their business.  This can be costly to a business, particularly as resources aren’t being used effectively.

Find a trusted Managed IT Services provider that will align with your business and provide IT support and services that complement your business structure. That way you can focus on the more important task of running your business.

5. Band-Aid Solutions

Since COVID-19, we have seen how fast the world of technology is moving. It’s tempting for businesses to apply band-aid solutions to IT issues.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide a solution to the root of the problem.  As such, the issue will resurface or compound other issues.  Therefore, when issues arise, it’s important to find and resolve the issue.  This may involve replacing hardware or software, or if it is security related, ensuring a robust solution has been applied.


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